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Argentine sorghum compete in the Chinese market

After intense negotiations that lasted for over a year, was officially opened this week the Chinese market for Argentine sorghum, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MINAGRI) South American country.

“The relationship in agro and agro matter between Argentina and China is growing stronger,” said the owner of Minagri, Carlos Casamiquela, while announcing that in the very act opening was set at the confectioner corn and operation of Phytosanitary Protocol export of pears and apples signed in July 2014.

For his part, Secretary of Political-Institutional and Agricultural Emergency Coordination, Javier Rodríguez, stressed the importance of opening up the Chinese market for Argentine sorghum in the context of “export diversification”.

The Chinese sorghum consumption remained relatively stable until 2012 at 100,000 tonnes per year, mainly for the production of brandy. However, the need to stock up on feed grain demand to accompany the production sector of poultry and pigs pulled demand in 2013 to one million tons, worth 369 million dollars.

The first seven months of 2014 sorghum imports from China exceeded 2.4 million tons, totaling $ 689 million.

In that sense, Argentina aspires to capture some of the potential demand and become a reliable supplier of quality products, with exports of over one million tonnes.

According Minagri, “the exponential increase in Chinese demand impacted heavily on international prices in a stocked by Argentina, USA, Australia and Burma market.”

The rating for the Argentina creates a direct competitor to other countries, especially to the United States so far stood as the primary beneficiary of increased Chinese demand.

Growing market: sunflower, beef and lácteos.-

New ads that expand the possibilities for Argentine agricultural products were made by the head of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Zhi Shuping.

Including Chinese official stressed enabling Argentina to start exporting confectionary sunflower. It is expected that Chinese enterprises sunflower processors for human consumption imported from the South American country to meet demand in the counter.

Also, since Friday four new Argentine refrigeration plants are enabled to export deboned beef to China, bringing to 23 the number of registered establishments for marketing.

According Shuping, “cooperation in inspection and quarantine played a key role in advancing the bilateral agenda”, while noting that the signing of the new protocol sorghum reflects the effectiveness of cooperation between the two countries.

Moreover, China pledged to pursue the registration process of exporting plants infant milk formulas, after the visit made by its inspectors in July.
Is expected in January 2015 AQSIQ technicians revisit the South American country to advance the commercialization of table grapes, alfalfa, peas and dry stevia in order to gain access to these products within the first half of next year .


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