comercio-exterior-2At Fenicios Global we propose to be your one supplier, and like this you get more dynamic answers and more effective solutions to your requirements, and save yourself a significant amount of time and money.

To bring together all the processes that make for successful foreign trade deals, we offer our full services of assistance to provide professional reliability, bearing in mind the importance of the legal and cultural particularity of each operation.

Our full services include:

1. Customs

We apply our experience and knowledge to obtain the organization and efficiency that your importations and exportations require in every aspect. Like this, we let you get the best and most efficient solutions to customs clearance.

  • Customs clearance
  • Temporary importation and exportation
  • Customs transit
  • Free port
  • Fiscal and national warehousing
  • Storing and distribution of goods
  • Management of certifications
  • Verification of freight
  • Packing and labelling
  • Product packaging

2. Logistics

We offer integral solutions to international freight forwarding, designed to reduce the delivery times of your goods by different means of transport: sea, air, road/rail and multimodal.

Sea Freight

  • FCL (Full Container Load) shipments (dry and refrigerated freight)
  • LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments
  • Worldwide door-to-door delivery service
  • Multimodal transport
  • Hazardous and perishable goods
  • Tracking shipments
  • International freight certificates
  • Integral management and preparation of foreign trade documentatio

Air Freight

  • Importing and exporting of general, hazardous and perishable goods
  • Combined freight (sea and air freight)
  • Worldwide door-to-door delivery service
  • Global agreements with first-rate airlines
  • Charter flights
  • Express de-consolidation
  • Packing
  • Tracking flights

Road/Rail Freight

  • FTL (Full Truck Load) freight (dry and refrigerated freight)
  • LTL (Less than Truck Load) freight
  • National transportation of LTL and FTL freight
  • Door-to-door delivery service
  • International insurance
  • Storing and distribution of goods
  • Packing
  • Tracking truck loads

3. Insurance

We have a wide variety of international insurance schemes allowing us to choose the best one to apply to your operation. You will be able to have the best alternative in international insurance with some special advantages:
Fast contracting. Instant issuance of international insurance cover. Personalized professional advice.

4. Banking Consultancy

There are currently multiple options regarding the forms of billing and payment for international transactions. Our consultancy area is qualified to help your company select and use the most convenient banking products and services according to your needs and therefore cutting your financial costs.

  • Export letters of credit
  • Export documentary collections
  • Payment orders
  • Pre-financing of exportations
  • Post-financing of exportations
  • Import letters of credit
  • Import documentary collections
  • Direct collections of importation
  • Pre-financing of importations