To develop a network of international representatives requires constant commitment and discipline in order to fulfil the requirements set by the market, and needs planning to anticipate and to make the most of the opportunities that arise. By knowing the market culturally and carrying out continual fieldwork, we enable your company to successfully become effectively internationalized.


At Fenicios Global, we are proud to have an important team of professionals who are very experienced in different areas of foreign trade, allowing us to promote the growth of your business internationally, to reduce risks of all kinds, and to guarantee the right way forward for your company in the world with our constant help and support.

With the help of our outstanding work team, your company will have permanent presence in the region and will therefore have access to new contacts, distributors, importers, original equipment manufacturers, and will also have customer service for your current customers.

We carry out market research in the countries of potential business and take into consideration the competition, price benchmarking, market share and other vital information and data in order to develop your business there.

What we offer:

  • To enlarge your client portfolio
  • To widen your product range
  • To broaden distribution in the Latin American market
  • To enhance corporative image
  • To strengthen strategic alliances
  • To evaluate the feasibility and costs of each project
  • To provide advice to new importers

How we do it:

  • By reporting on the market, competition and price benchmarking
  • By analyzing the participation in trade fairs
  • By travelling to the destination on specific business missions
  • By conducting marketing campaigns
  • By providing training courses for your customers
  • By writing regular reports on the project development
  • By compiling lists of prospect clients with background information
  • By keeping track of sales budgets in each country

Contact us and we will put together a made-to-measure business plan for your company.