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The digitization of the mails in Latin America

Spain and Brazil have joined the digital postal network “.post” thus establishing the first steps of the Spanish-speaking region, and accelerate the development of electronic postal services in the region.

According to statistics from America Economia Intelligence, total spending Ecommerce AL 69.994.50 billion reached in 2013. And participation, by country, regional B2C spending is starring in Brazil 59.1%, followed by Mexico in 14.2%, Argentina 6.2% and so on.

The mobilization of goods to sell on-line requires a universal mail service tailored to market requirements. However, the region’s largest and national operators in Latin America vary in sizes, capacities and efficiency. This proliferation of private emails competing aggressively in the postal sector, to generate dynamic and timely services to meet business demands it combines.

Electronic commerce is imposed every day more and emails trying to cater to the traditional service physical delivery of packets between 2 and 20 kg, and the introduction of postal financial services. Now the challenge is to find solutions interconnectivity and interoperability to growing customer demand; This requires the development of a standardized structure, principles and rules according to the needs of the global postal network.
Interoperability and interconnectivity

The top-level domain, “.post” and has 44 members and offers the postal insurance internet digital territory for electronic postal services, including associations such as Cisco Systems, the International Coalition Hybrid Mail, and Alacopp – the Association private operators, constituted by Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay -.

It is the platform which ensures the interoperability of electronic postal services and allows operators of member countries of the Universal Postal Union, develop innovative products and services; electronic payments, automated system for Customs Declaration; and government digital services.

One goal is to ensure the exchange of electronic information across borders. The domain you wish to become a leading official online channels to facilitate electronic business transactions and governments. The S52 standard, the postal registration email (PREM) is funded by three operators: China, Macao and Italy. This move will allow the postal community of their physical to electronic services activity.

Reform post

The annual report 2013, the Universal Postal Union, indicates that the Regional Plan of Development of Latin America and the Caribbean, want above all improve business processes and implement projects that improve the quality of postal services accompanied by reforms. Among basic electronic services in their plans are tracking technologies mail, barcodes and electronic payment services platforms.

Engine region Brazil

Correios Brazil has been highlighted in recent years to reform their laws for the development of digital postal services and integrated logistics that uses including intra regionally. 20% of shipments of the company stands parcels correspond to the article “boom years” Study of e-commerce in Latin America 2012 in the magazine America Economia.
In the blog of “.post” integration Correios Brazil announced; and next to the post of Spain, who also leads the postal sector of digital services can be started on additional partnerships with Latin America emails in pilot projects. And thus, can be contributed to strengthening the postal sector in the region and catch the challenges of new technologies.


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